Ivy Yu, Author at SupChina
Ivy Yu

Ivy Yu is an editor at Sina News based in Beijing. She is responsible for covering international news but also has great passion for China studies. She holds an M.A. in International Relations from New York University. She can be reached via [email protected]

Why did Tencent just invest in a self-media account with a history of ‘article laundering’? [UPDATE]

It was reported last Thursday that Tencent led a $4.1 million (30 million RMB) investment in Chaping 差评, a…

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A fake post purportedly from Tencent’s CEO fooled everyone, including Tencent

A WeChat story criticizing tech giant Tencent for “losing its dream” went viral on social media in China over…

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How ‘self-media’ in China has become a hub for misinformation

Illustration by Hannah Bae / @eatdrinkdraw   As Facebook and Twitter attempt to combat the…

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