Jemima Barr, Author at SupChina
Jemima Barr

Jemima Barr hails from England but has lived in Hong Kong, Hangzhou, and (currently) Beijing. She is doing an internship at SupChina before she starts her undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge in Autumn 2018.

One China journalist’s quest to amplify female voices in media

It was a podcast episode about China in late 2016, featuring only male voices, that spurred Joanna Chiu to…

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Friday Song: Who owns ‘Bloodstained Glory,’ the dissidents or the patriots?

“Bloodstained Glory” is inconceivable: a song claimed by China’s most zealous patriots and its most ardent dissidents as representing…

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Watch: Three days in Beijing before Chinese New Year 2018

From preparing to travel home to preparing a New Year’s Eve feast, take a look at how people in…

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The 12 most noteworthy Years of the Dog in Chinese history

In Chinese myth, the dog came second to last in the race to determine the order of the zodiac…

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Happy Chinese New Year 2018!

Today is lunar New Year’s Eve 除夕(chú xī), the most traditional and important holiday on the Chinese calendar, a…

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