Lucy Best, Author at SupChina
Lucy Best

Lucy Best is a Senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in Political Science and Chinese and minoring in Environmental Science. She spent summer 2017 in Guangzhou researching community participation in Healthy Cities programming and spent fall 2017 in Kunming studying abroad.

China plans to open third-gen nuclear reactor in November

We recently noted a Greenpeace report that suggested Chinese economic growth, unless radical measures are taken, is going…

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Propaganda and finger vein recognition: China’s 2018 college entrance exams

The gaokao (高考 gāokǎo) is a three-day college entrance test that covers literature, science, math, and English (see SupChina’s

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Mattis signals U.S. will challenge Beijing in South China Sea

The usually mild-mannered U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis had strong words for Beijing in response to a recent…

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China sees trade opportunities in Iran after the U.S. drops out of nuclear deal

Russia and China are eager to dance with Iran after U.S. President Donald Trump tore up…

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