Michelle Winglee, Author at SupChina
Michelle Winglee

Michelle Winglee writes on topics related to China’s environment, agriculture, and energy. She previously worked as a Research Assistant at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace before embarking on a year-long Mandarin fellowship in Taipei and Beijing. She now works for the Office of China Affairs at the University of Maryland. You can follow her @MichelleWinglee.

Is America’s bright spot in agricultural trade with China fading?

President Donald Trump signed two executive orders on March 24 in an attempt to reduce the U.S.’s long-standing…

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Rebirth of artisanal farming

On a farm tucked into a mountainside in Miyun County, about a two-hour drive northeast of Beijing, a former…

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What do new rural land rights mean for Chinese farms?

Collective land ownership — as opposed to privately owned land — is among the last vestiges of socialism…

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