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5 classic movies to remember Xie Jin, the master of Chinese melodrama

Xie Jin remains relatively obscure outside of his home country, which is a shame. He directed such…

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‘Havoc in Heaven’: How China’s first animators braved war, politics, and exile to create a masterpiece

Based off Journey to the West, this hand-animated classic took more than two decades to complete, with…

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5 influential movies from the Fifth Generation of Chinese filmmakers

Coming of age during the Cultural Revolution, China’s post-Mao filmmakers would revolutionize the industry with story-driven movies…

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5 great Chinese movies from the Second Golden Age

The Second Golden Age of Chinese film, short-lived as it was, saw some of China’s best directors,…

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Five essential Chinese silent films

Politics, revolution, bloodshed, prostitution, suicide, feminism (before it was defined as such): Chinese films of the 1920s…

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