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Guides, directories, and lists that help you make sense of China. Includes SupSources — our annual list of websites we read daily — the SupChina Red Paper — an original report on the year that was — and city directories, put together by the SupChina editorial team. SupChina is your premier source of China news.

Dunhuang — a brief history and travel guide to China’s Silk Road oasis

An introduction to the ancient history of the Mogao Buddhist cave temples and recent efforts to preserve them for posterity.

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Top 10 buzzwords of 2016

A list of the most popular new words and phrases in the Chinese media and internet over the past year.

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SupChina Sources: Directory of China websites

This is SupChina Sources: a list of the essential English-language websites, podcasts and Twitter feeds that we follow. We comb through…

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The 25 key phrases of Xi Jinping

A translation of a WeChat post from the People’s Daily about 25 “hot words” used by Xi Jinping since the…

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