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Top China news of 2016

The year 2016 was characterized by political upheaval across the world, but not in China. Many of the…

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Optimism from veteran participants in U.S.-China relations

On December 2 in Beijing, Chinese president Xi Jinping met Henry Kissinger, considered by many the architect of…

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When a typo is no laughing matter

“Trump campaign chief charged with battery,” read a New York…

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What do new rural land rights mean for Chinese farms?

Collective land ownership — as opposed to privately owned land — is among the last vestiges of socialism…

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The 25 key phrases of Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping was chosen to be the president and general secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee, the position…

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Why are so many first-generation Chinese immigrants supporting Donald Trump?

My wife, Fanfan, dislikes politics. It’s an attitude not at all uncommon among Chinese of her generation, who…

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Sinica extra: Bombing Chongqing

The November 3 Sinica Podcast is an interview with Bill Lascher, author of Eve…

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Sinica extra: Q&A with Andy Rothman on his start in China, being bullish on the nation and 5 must-read books

Andy Rothman is an investment strategist with Matthews Asia, where he writes the Sinology column. He was previously…

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Sinica extra: Q&A with Rachel Stern on the scholarly appeal of China’s legal system, the nation’s crackdown on lawyers and U.S. litigiousness

Jeremy: A cynic might joke that studying Chinese law and legal processes is in some ways like living in…

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