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‘Fintech represents the future’: Kim Tong, COO of ECARD Inc., on making global transactions borderless

Imagine a truly borderless world in which individuals and companies can conduct business and make payments that completely transcend geographical limitations….

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FD Gallery’s Fiona Druckenmiller on high-end jewelry and Chinese customers

After many years on Wall Street as a successful investment manager, Fiona Druckenmiller decided to embrace her longtime passion…

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A reliable VPN is the only thing you really need to live happily in China

Living, traveling, or studying in China can be a life-transforming experience. As with any country, there are some downsides,…

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China launches the first potato-based skincare line — Pototaly

If China has potato royalty, Yiwen Hao is it. She is the founder of Pototaly, the world’s first…

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