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Beijing Office Manager

Yale Tsai China Center
March 9, 2018
Job Type


Beijing Office Manager

Job Description

General Purpose
Manage and execute a wide range of logistic and administrative responsibilities in support of the Yale Law School Paul Tsai China Center (The Center). The position is based in Beijing, but closely integrated with The Center’s New Haven staff.


Essential Duties of the Position

  1. Provide administrative support for all Center activities, including taking primary responsibility for logistics and coordination of China-based events and programs.
  • Coordinating domestic and international travel, including making flights, lodging and meal arrangements, and preparing/updating detailed itineraries;
  • Workshop preparations including formatting and distribution of event materials in both electronic and hardcopy formats, ensuring necessary equipment and supplies, and, coordinating transportation;
  • Maintaining close contact with the New Haven office to coordinate the above tasks and facilitate passing assignments between the two offices.


  1. Interact with established academic, governmental and business leaders displaying appropriate diplomacy, discretion and professionalism. This includes communicating regularly with high-level government officials and diplomats from both Chinese and the U.S.
  2. Facilitate the Center’s work within the greater Yale and PKU administrations; requiring a comprehensive knowledge of the universities’ structure and administrative, academic, and financial procedures.
    • Preparing Beijing office expense reimbursement reports for submission to New Haven office for processing and track payments.
    • Working with Project Partners on financial reporting issues or necessary documentation of reported expenses, to review/reconcile financial records for Center Cooperative projects.
    • Assisting in completing necessary paperwork and administrative procedures to maintain collaborative research center at PKU and staff access to facilities.
  3. Maintain equipment and supply inventory for The Center’s Beijing office. Review equipment needs with the New Haven office. Regularly paying routine office expenses.
  4. Establish and maintain correspondence and data files. Update the Center’s internal calendar, scheduling and confirming meetings and appointments as needed.
  5. Assist with long-range planning on administrative aspects of The Center, and other administrative duties as assigned.


Experience and Training

  1. Bachelor's Degree or higher and a strong understanding of China and Chinese culture.
  2. Two years of administrative experience, including at least one year coordinating events.
  3. Professional experience working with academics, lawyers, judges, and/or other legal experts (preferred).



Skills and Abilities

  1. Sufficiently fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese (spoken and written), so as to be able to comfortably perform all office tasks.
  2. Excellent organizational skills and ability to work independently.
  3. Excellent oral and written communications skills and a demonstrated ability to use sound judgment when dealing with a variety of situations.
  4. Ability to smoothly navigate cross-cultural interactions involving Chinese and American professionals, settings, and expectations.
  5. Strong computer skills, including knowledge of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, and familiarity with maintaining websites.


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