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two people in beijing get tested for the coronavirus (covid-19) at a mobile testing vehicle
Science & Health

With 11 million tests, China contains COVID-19 where the U.S. fails

While Trump spreads misinformation about the role testing plays in combating COVID-19, China is effectively deploying testing on a mass scale. In Beijing, officials tested 11 million residents in just 25 days, finding and isolating 335 cases of infection.

Masked people in Beijing await testing Xinfadi Market
Science & Health

How Beijing got to zero new COVID-19 cases — twice

Mass batch testing, contact tracing, and taking science seriously: Possible lessons for the U.S. in how to effectively eliminate COVID-19.

After a overnight heavy downpour, the downtown area of Hukou County were flooded with water and traffic had been held up. On Wednesday morning, also the second day of Gaokao, the local government sent fire rescue team to escort more than 30 students who were stranded in the water, Hukou County of Jiujiang City, east China's Jiangxi Province, 8 July 2020
Society & Culture

More than 10 million Chinese students take gaokao exam in spite of floods, earthquakes, COVID-19

Neither COVID-19 nor floods nor earthquakes could stop China from organizing the nationwide college entrance examination or gaokao, which many young Chinese say is the most stressful test in the world.

michael kovrig and michael spavor sit in a chinese jail with a thing ray of light beaming into the lonely cell of the chinese jail
Foreign Affairs

Michael Kovrig, Michael Spavor, and China’s history of hostage diplomacy

The two Canadians are only the latest victims of a much-maligned diplomatic tactic.

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Society & Culture Spotlight

Society & Culture

The gaokao: The grueling test that makes (or breaks) Chinese youth

China’s college entrance exam can propel young people to prosperity — or dismantle their dreams — and it faces mounting criticism and pressure to reform.

Society & Culture

China’s first database to let couples check domestic abuse history before marriage

The eastern city of Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, has become the first Chinese city to roll out a program that allows soon-to-be married couples to check, before tying the knot, if their partners have a history of domestic violence.

Society & Culture

China’s favorite spicy sauce brand did not actually cheat Tencent

China’s favorite hot sauce company was accused of not paying a $2.3 million advertising bill to internet giant Tencent. Now it turns out the company is innocent: Three people pretending to be marketing executives of the Guizhou Lao Gan Ma Company have been arrested for an elaborate scam.

Society & Culture

Chinese trans woman wins sex discrimination lawsuit against employer in landmark victory

More than a year after she first began her legal fight, a transgender woman in Beijing has won her case against Chinese ecommerce platform Dangdang after the company fired her when she took a leave of absence for her gender confirmation surgery.

Special Feature

End of an era? A history of Chinese students in America

The Trump administration’s aggressive rhetoric against Chinese students is not unprecedented. But history tells us the U.S. will suffer for it.

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Dr. Henry Kissinger, then-Presidential National Security Adviser, shakes hands with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai, July 1971
This Week in China’s History

Kissinger’s secret trip in 1971 that paved the way for U.S.-China relations

In 1971, amid growing threats from the Soviet Union, both the U.S. and the People's Republic of China were interested in a strategic alliance. But before any public gestures could be made, both sides had to make sure, privately, the other was receptive.

Craft beer in China, a glass of beer with a silhouette of Chinese landscape
The SupChina Signal — A Primer on Modern China

Craft beer in China: A brief and complete history

A survey of craft beer in the Middle Kingdom, from Boxing Cat and Master Gao and Great Leap Brewing in the early days (2008-10) to a new generation of independent breweries scattered across China; from tea lagers and Sichuan peppercorn-inspired brews to durian porters and a "hot dry noodle stout."

Derek Zheng illustration of Viya China's ecommerce livestreamer
Chinese Lives

Viya, China’s most popular (and hardest-working) livestreamer

Chinese Lives is a weekly series that looks at notable figures from all eras of Chinese history. This week: Viya, the face of China's “ecommerce livestreaming” boom.

Lin Dan retires from badminton
China Sports Column

Badminton legend Lin Dan retires, HK Sevens canceled

In this week's China Sports Column: One of China's most decorated world champions hangs up his boots, Wu Lei is still mulling a transfer to the English Premier League, and COVID-19 has put a premature end to this year's World Rugby Sevens Series.