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Business & Technology

‘New infrastructure’ — China’s race for 5G and networked everything has a new catchphrase

China’s government is hyping the concept of “new infrastructure” — the massive deployment of 5G, industrial internet, and networked everything. What exactly are Beijing’s plans, and will U.S. sanctions on Huawei and other Chinese firms put the kibosh on them?

Society & Culture

Chinese guitarist fired from indie rock band over sexual remarks about minors

The Wild Cooperative 野外合作社, a four-piece indie rock band in Nanjing, announced today that it had fired guitarist Liú Yáo 刘遥, one of its founding members, following a host of his Weibo posts containing sexually offensive remarks about underage girls.

China's Two Palace Museums in Taipei and Beijing
Society & Culture

China’s two Palace Museums and their battle over legitimacy

China's two Palace Museums — one in Beijing, one in Taipei — both claim theirs is the real, legitimate museum. It's a story steeped in history and the cross-strait rivalry.

Society & Culture

A fresh look at the 1930s Jewish refuge, in ‘The Last Kings of Shanghai’

Jonathan Kaufman’s latest book provides an engaging, colorful history of Shanghai’s past that fully explores, but does not romanticize, the cosmopolitanism and colonialism of that era.

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Society & Culture

The gaokao: The grueling test that makes (or breaks) Chinese youth

China’s college entrance exam can propel young people to prosperity — or dismantle their dreams — and it faces mounting criticism and pressure to reform.

Society & Culture

China’s mental health care is improving, but stigma and politics still get in the way

Once deemed a symptom of “wrong” political thinking, mental illness has a fraught history in the People’s Republic. While the last two decades have seen rapid development in mental health care in China, there remain significant problems with stigma from an under-informed public, the government’s preoccupation with political stability, and under-resourcing. As a result, many are unable to access the services they desperately need, while others are forced into unnecessary treatment.

Society & Culture

China’s first database to let couples check domestic abuse history before marriage

The eastern city of Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, has become the first Chinese city to roll out a program that allows soon-to-be married couples to check, before tying the knot, if their partners have a history of domestic violence.

Society & Culture

China’s favorite spicy sauce brand did not actually cheat Tencent

China’s favorite hot sauce company was accused of not paying a $2.3 million advertising bill to internet giant Tencent. Now it turns out the company is innocent: Three people pretending to be marketing executives of the Guizhou Lao Gan Ma Company have been arrested for an elaborate scam.

Special Feature

End of an era? A history of Chinese students in America

The Trump administration’s aggressive rhetoric against Chinese students is not unprecedented. But history tells us the U.S. will suffer for it.

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China's Two Palace Museums in Taipei and Beijing
The SupChina Signal — A Primer on Modern China

China’s two Palace Museums and their battle over legitimacy

China's two Palace Museums — one in Beijing, one in Taipei — both claim theirs is the real, legitimate museum. It's a story steeped in history and the cross-strait rivalry.

Darren Byler Xinjiang Column two sisters speak their story
Window on Xinjiang

The imprisonment of the ‘model villagers’: Two Uyghur sisters on what it means to lose their family and way of life

For the family of sisters Nursiman and Nur’iman, a local work brigade placed a small red plaque with five stars on it to the front gate of their house. The stars stood for “patriotism, honesty, education, hygiene, and harmony.” But in the end, that didn't stop the sisters' parents and brother from being sent to jail for reasons that remain murky to this day.

Hong Kong handed over from UK to China: Charles, Prince of Wales; Chinese president Jiang Zemin; and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, July 1, 1997
This Week in China’s History

Hong Kong and broken promises

Twenty-three years ago, Hong Kong was handed over from Great Britain to China. "We shall not forget you," said Charles, Prince of Wales. "From now on, the Hong Kong compatriots will truly become masters here," said Chinese president Jiang Zemin. What has become of those promises today?

Zhao Rui Guangdong suspension violate anti-virus measure
China Sports Column

Guangdong basketball player suspended for violating league’s COVID-19 containment measure

In this week's China Sports Column: The CBA has suspended Guangdong Southern Tigers guard Zhao Rui three games for violating the league's anti-virus rule. Also, the Chinese Super League may start at the end of July, and construction has begun on an Asian Games baseball complex in Hangzhou.