BE-Jing No. 15: Balloons | Photo Series by Gregorio Soravito | SupChina

BE-Jing No. 15: Balloons

Beixinqiao, March 2018

BEjing is a 30-part photo essay project started in May 2016. It’s about everyday life on the streets of the Chinese capital, a kind of narration about the people who live in this unpredictable city and are constantly growing, changing, and upgrading. BE京jing is a collection of moments that tries to transmit, through a gesture or a facial expression, an identity both individual and collective. It focuses its attention not on places but on people: the human resources that make this gigantic city feel natural and alive.

Gregorio Soravito

Gregorio Soravito, born in Italy in 1979, studied architecture at the University of Trieste, Italy, and moved in China in 2016 for work. He has cultivated a passion for photography and filmmaking for 15 years, with particular attention to landscape, street photography, and portraiture. In addition to the street photography collection BE京jing, he has created two music videos, “Joy Division Chinese Shadowplay” and “City of Mirrors” (the latter is the official video for the post-rock band Macondo). Follow him on Instagram @gregoriosoravito