#03 Case Study: China’s soft power with Anthony Kuhn


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Today, we are trying another format of the show, a “case study episode” where one guest will go over a specific project or a theme in China’s culture industry. And to kick off this new format, we start with Anthony Kuhn, who works at NPR.

今天我们正在尝试另一种节目形式“案例研究系列”;在节目中,每位嘉宾将会介绍一个特定的项目或一个关于中国文化产业的特定主题。 今天,为了推出这种新的节目形式,我们请到了在美国国家公共广播电台(NPR)工作的Anthony Kuhn。

Anthony has been working on how China is using its soft power, and that’s actually one of the main reasons the Middle Earth podcast started: to investigate how politics and culture can be linked. The culture of a country doesn’t come out of thin air. Rather, there is a political and business side to it.

Anthony一直在研究中国如何利用其软实力,这实际上也是Middle Earth开始的主要原因之一; 如何将政治与文化联系起来。一个国家的文化往往不是凭空产生的,它往往受到政治和经济的影响。


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Show notes:

You can now listen to one of Anthony’s reports on China’s soft power here.

The film Anthony talked about was 厉害了 我的国 (My Amazing Country), by state-media company CCTV and China Film Group Corporation.

Anthony’s Weibo moment of fame, mentioned in the show, can be seen here.