#07 Modern-day Chinese fortune-telling


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In case traveling to the nearest Chinese temple may be a bit inconvenient, modern-day Chinese astrologers still have you covered — inevitably, there’s an app for that! In this episode, astrologer Wen Jun explains how she works, the kinds of clients who seek her out, the differences between Chinese and Western astrology, and other aspects of fortune-telling in the modern age.



Wen Jun: astrologer | 文君: 占星师

And, as usual, your host, Aladin Farré.

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Two main takeaways from this week’s episode:    


1) There are a number of popular Chinese fortune-telling apps on the market today.

Wen Jun works for the popular astrology app Ce Ce Astrology 测测星座. One of its main competitors is another popular app, Stars Network 星星网络.

2) Contemporary Chinese astrologers are very popular.

The most famous astrologers in China are Tang Qi Yang 唐绮阳, Uncle Tong Dao 同道大叔, a graduate of Peking University, and Monica Mo 莫小奇, a TV star.