#10 Ten years of selling science programming in China


Before the Beijing Olympics, foreign media groups seeking to sell or co-produce science-themed media content in China had a difficult time finding partners. Paul Lewis, an independent producer and former president of Discovery Channel Canada, was nevertheless able to co-produce two science programs in partnership with Chinese state media outlets: Daily Planet Goes to China and Factory Made/Made in China. In this episode, Paul discusses how rapidly the Chinese media landscape has evolved, and the implications for science-themed content.

在北京奥运会前,出售纪录片和与中国电视台联合制作科学节目并非易事。加拿大探索频道前总裁、现任独立制片人保罗.刘易斯在中国官方媒体的帮助下开办了两个科学节目:“Daily Planet Goes to China”及“Factory Made/Made in China”。现在也许不会有同类的联合制作,那么保罗的故事让我们看到了中国的媒体正在如何的快速变化。


Paul Lewis: Producer | 制片人
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