#14 Art from the edges: LGBT and feminist contributions to contemporary Chinese culture


Voices from China’s large but marginalized LGBTQ and feminist communities are increasingly making themselves heard in contemporary culture. In particular, artists and activists from these groups are creating content around the idea of “nontraditional love,” which is resonating strongly even with mainstream Chinese audiences. So how have the stories of creators from historically silenced and censored groups found footholds in contemporary culture? In this episode, Aladin speaks with three representatives from LGBTQ and feminist organizations to find out.


Qin Sachi: Manager, Transgender Rights Program | Beijing LGBT Center
Beijing LGBT Center WeChat ID:北同文化 | Beijing LGBT Center’s Weibo

Wei Xiaogang: Executive Director, Producer | Beijing GENDER

Beijing GENDER WeChat ID: 同志亦凡人

Evangeline Z: Feminist activist and comedian
Evangeline’s Facebook page | Evangeline’s Weibo

And, as usual, your host, Aladin Farré.

Aladin’s LinkedIn | Aladin’s Twitter

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