16 catchphrases that Chinese livestreamers use to engage their audiences and drive sales


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Ecommerce livestreaming was already one of the biggest marketing and ecommerce trends of 2019. Thanks to the coronavirus, it has truly gone mainstream in China. Everywhere you turn, there is an announcement about some platform launching livestreaming or adding new livestreaming features. Top streamers on ecommerce platforms have become household names.

The top hosts are excellent salespeople, using specific tactics to engage and persuade their audiences. They are very careful about what they say and how they say it.

The phrases they use aren’t the same as a regular salesperson’s. In fact, if you are new to ecommerce livestreaming, you may think some of the things they say are odd: Ecommerce livestreamers and their audiences have developed their own slang.

So just what are some of these phrases? In this episode, Lauren’s assistant and regular guest Kejie analyzes the top 16 phrases that Chinese livestreamers use to engage their audiences and drive sales.

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Here’s a link to the WeChat article discussed in this episode. 

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