#28 The effects of the coronavirus on China’s entertainment industry


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China’s culture and entertainment industry is bracing for serious challenges amid the COVID-19 epidemic. This particularly applies to the film and tourism sectors, which are facing significant headwinds. Yet while people remain quarantined at home, short-video apps and the gaming sector are seeing massive traffic spikes. Terry Mieremet (an entrepreneur in the tourism industry), Cecily Huang (a producer at Australian Broadcasting Corporation), and Sebastian Francois (a gaming industry consultant) join this month’s panel to give their insider views on the subject.

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Answers to the quiz:

1) The Spanish flu was the deadliest flu epidemic ever recorded.

2) The most viewed films in China right now are Contagion and The Flu.

3) Battle of Pathogens is the game co-launched by the publicity department of Haidian District Committee and People’s Daily and developed by Bytedance-owned Ohayoo.

4) There have been 20,000 concerts canceled in China and Hong Kong since the outbreak of the coronavirus.