#30 Connecting Chinese and European film producers


For years, Chinese producers only had eyes for the “Hollywood model.” That is, big-budget projects and, hopefully, even bigger returns. After volatile times for the Chinese film industry, and events like the Fan Bingbing tax evasion scandal, producers realized that other business models can exist.

To explore how this industry is changing, host Aladin Farré held a remote interview with Cristiano Bortone, who runs Bridging the Dragon. This association has connected European and Chinese filmmakers since 2014, with the support of various Western film funds, production companies, and festivals (such as the FIRST International Film Festival — please see episode 23 of Middle Earth). 

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Road Pictures (路画影视传媒 lù huà yǐngshì méi), a Chinese film distribution company that focuses on art house film. 

New Classics Media (新丽传媒 xīn lí chuánméi), a Chinese entertainment and media company that focuses on remakes.

Mahua Fun Age (开心麻花 kāixīn máhuā), a Chinese company that focuses on comedy films and live theater.