#32 Intellectual property protection in China’s entertainment industry


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Intellectual property protection on copyrights is seen as being nearly nonexistent in China, but does that argument really hold water? What are the general positions of the Chinese government on international protection in the television and film industries? To answer these questions and more, Mathew Alderson (partner, Harris Bricken), Li Jianbin (copyright and distribution specialist), and Frank Yang (senior associate, Marks & Clerk) join Aladin Farré to explain how creatives can protect their rights and how the fight against piracy is getting more effective.  

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Answers to the quiz:

King of Peking (京城之王 2017) is the Chinese-U.S. comedy about a family illegally copying films on DVDs.

Michael Jordan is the sportsman who came out victorious in a trademark case in China’s Supreme Court against Chinese company Qiaodan Sports.

The film Cars (2006) was copied by The Autobots (汽车人总动员 2015). 

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