#34 China’s sports industry


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In 2014, the Chinese government released a policy document — now referred to as Number 46 — that outlined China’s plan to create the biggest sports industry in the world, with the target of $700 billion in annual revenue by 2025. This week, Aladin Farré welcomes Jonty Dixon (sports editor at Xinhua News), Wenjing Soong (sports consultant and agent), and Michael Sun (chairman and CEO of SlamBall Asia) to discuss the country’s national policies on sports and the business and collaborative opportunities in this industry.  

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The hockey team Kunlun Red Star, based in Beijing.

The young football team of Zhidan County in Shaanxi. Follow it on WeChat: 志丹县足球协会.

Answers to the quiz:

Ping-Pong diplomacy is what began the warming of relations between the People’s Republic of China and the USA.

The furthest China’s national soccer team has gone is the group stages in the 2002 World Cup

Li Xiaoshuang is the Chinese Olympian who won six medals in only one Olympic session.

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