#35 Film score composition in China


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As content and movie creation continues to surge inside China, the need for more film industry professionals is now more pressing than ever. One role that lies at the center of creativity and technicality lies the score composer – the individual responsible for creation of music to accompany a film. On the podcast this week, film composers Liu Ye and Sean Calvo explain the work they do in the field, the issues they face, and how traditional Chinese music is utilized within the production process in China.

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The soundtrack to Hero (2002), by Tan Dun.

The soundtrack to White Vengeance (2011), by Henry Lai.

Answers to the quiz:

Cong Su, a Chinese composer, who won an Oscar for best music score for The Last Emperor (1987).

The sound of the fighting scene comes from Kung Fu Hustle (2004).

The oldest Chinese instrument is believed to be the wind instrument Xun.