#46 China’s TV format industry


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As much as everyone would love to claim that they enjoy “highly refined” art and movies, many people enjoy the guilty pleasure of watching reality shows featuring celebrities making a fool of themselves. China has a lot of these shows, and they drive an infinite number of online debates and memes. These cultural products are a vibrant part of China’s entertainment industry and also help push the sale of VIP memberships on a variety of internet platforms.

Shirley Cheng (chief creative officer and partner, CNEX) and Luca Zhao (CEO, Dao Media) join Aladin Farré to give an insider’s view of the industry, and explain the latest trends as well as who you should pitch your project to.

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The show The Big Band (乐队的夏天 yuèduì de xiàtiān).

The show Let’s Go Time Traveler (咱们穿越吧 zánmen chuānyuè ba).