#48 China’s burgeoning stand-up scene


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A few years ago, the stand-up comedy scene in China was largely considered to be alternative culture, with few venues for comedians and patrons. This stands in stark contrast to today, with over 100 comedy clubs nationwide, even outside of major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Format shows like Roast! (tùcáo dàhuì 吐槽大会) have pushed stand-up into the mainstream. Anney Liao and Jerry Kim, cofounders of Run Wild Comedy Club Beijing (wántuō xǐjù 玩脱喜剧), tell Aladin Farré and Hank Liu about their journey coming up in the industry and how it’s evolving. 

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The comedians Wùfàn 悟饭 and Xiǎo Lù 小鹿.