A conversation with Ambassador Huang Ping, consul general of the P.R.C.’s New York Consulate


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This week on Sinica, we’re pleased to present a conversation with Ambassador Huang Ping, a veteran Chinese diplomat who has been consul general of China’s New York Consulate since November 2018. He formerly served as China’s ambassador to Zimbabwe, and as consul general of China’s Chicago Consulate. The interview, recorded on July 22, covers a range of topics in U.S.-China relations from human rights to Taiwan, and from COVID-19 to China’s so-called “wolf warrior diplomacy.”

13:22: What Americans should understand about the Communist Party of China

38:15: Evaluating the Biden administration’s position on China

41:25: The American perspective on Taiwan

46:20: The impact of the pandemic on Chinese people

50:54: Beijing’s policies on Xinjiang 

A transcript of this episode is available on SupChina.com.