An overview of China’s burgeoning fragrance market with Dao Nguyen, founder of ESSENZIA


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Today’s conversation is with Dao Nguyen, the founder of ESSENZIA, a boutique marketing creative strategy agency that helps fragrance and cosmetics brands reach young Chinese consumers. Lauren and Dao dive deep into China’s rapidly growing fragrance market, which has changed dramatically over the past five years.

In this episode, Dao gives an overview of the market, answering questions such as:

·      Who are the main consumers?

·      What types of fragrances tend to appeal to a Chinese audience?

·      Which brands are doing well in the China market and why?

·      Are there any mistakes that brands tend to make?

Later in the episode, they discuss China’s beauty industry and Lauren asks Dao to share her thoughts on the rise of China’s domestic beauty brands.

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Guest: Dao Nguyen


Host: Lauren Hallanan

Website | LinkedIn | WeChat: H1212118514

This podcast was edited and produced by Jason MacRonald.