The Caixin-Sinica Business Brief, episode 22


SupChina’s weekly show with China’s leading business and financial news source.

Welcome to the 22nd installment of the Caixin-Sinica Business Brief, a weekly podcast that brings you the most important business stories of the week from China’s top source for business and financial news. Produced by Kaiser Kuo of our Sinica Podcast, it features a business news roundup, plus conversations with Caixin reporters and editors.

This week, we tell you how the deaths of over 100 goats that ate spring onions exposed to a highly toxic pesticide have sparked public outcry over the lack of regulations curbing the overuse of such chemicals in China. We look at the news that a baby girl in the interior city of Xi’an was named after the smash-hit mobile video game Honor of Kings 王者荣耀. We explore the latest move by Alibaba, the operator of the country’s largest online sales platform, to build its own mall at its headquarters in the eastern city of Hangzhou. We examine how a social media post accusing well-known establishments in Beijing of cleanliness breaches triggered hygiene checks by authorities at the city’s five-star hotels. And we explain why the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the country’s top insurance regulator, is banning booze from all of its offices and subsidiary departments.

In addition, we talk to Caixin editor Poornima Weerasekara about a pregnant woman’s suicide and the bigger picture of giving birth in China. We also chat with Caixin senior editor Doug Young about why a photo of the drummer from the 1980s band Black Panther holding a glass thermos filled with tea went viral on the Chinese internet, and the rumors about Wang Jianlin 王健林, the founder and chairman of Wanda — that he was detained, or prevented from flying.

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