Chapter Five: Far from home, part 2


Continuing from last week’s episode, Clay and guest host Maggie follow Li and Suyi’s stories, the conditions in which they were raised, and how they ended up so far removed from their rural homes. Part 2 focuses on economic and social mechanisms that are pushing young people away from their smaller cities and toward China’s large urban centers like Shanghai.

Music credits:

Analytical Skeletons” and “Gifts,” by csus; “Fake Mustache” and “Road Trip,” by Purrple Cat; “Chill Day,” by LAKEY INSPIRED; “December,” by Sachko; “I Was Nothing,” by Le Gang; “Xmpty,” by lofee; “I Like You.,” by ARTST_UNKWN2; and “#001- Free Chilled Lofi Beat – 70bpm,” by PATENT.

Works consulted:

Introducing the city of Shanghai and Regional China: internal migration, by The Economist Intelligence Unit; China Gini Coefficient, by CEIC; The pressure to get married is tearing China’s families apart, by Ma Chunhua; In China’s cities, young people with rural ties are angry, The Economist; and The young and lonely hearts of China’s shrinking cities, by Ye Ming.

Thanks to Mike for his voice-over work. Thanks to Shanghai Curious Minds for letting us record.

with them. Thanks to Nowness Shanghai for letting me use their recording studio, and a shout-out to Monty.