Chapter Nine: Mulan


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In this final episode of season 1 of Strangers in China, we meet the remarkable Jessie: She studied her way out of abject poverty in rural Hubei while raising her younger siblings. She faced down thugs who were trying to collect debt from her deadbeat father. Then, she made it to Shanghai for college, only to be told she doesn’t belong. Meanwhile, she created a rich inner life, inspired by literature, philosophy, and lots of Greek mythology.

Music credits:Analytical Skeletons,” “Shia Baat,” “Gifts,” and “Vaporize Me,” by csus; Road Trip,” “Fake Mustache,” and “Sad Ending,” by Purrple Cat; “f@y” and “337,” by Jack Meijer; “xmpty” and “Light Showers,” by lofee; “I Was Nothing,” by Le Gang; “Sorrow,” by Sappheiros; and I Like You, by ARTST_UNKNWN2.