China and India: Pallavi Aiyar and Ananth Krishnan on mutual misperceptions


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This week on Sinica, we bring you a conversation with Pallavi Aiyar, a prolific writer and, until 2008, a Beijing-based journalist, and Ananth Krishnan, who reported from China for The Hindu and India Today until 2018. The two chatted with Kaiser and Jeremy as part of the Hong Kong International Literary Festival in November, covering subjects from popular Chinese misconceptions and stereotypes about India to India’s curiosity about — and sparse media coverage of — its powerful neighbor to the northeast. 

5:49: Mutual cultural ignorance between China and India 

11:06: Indian views on Chinese authoritarianism 

32:03: Social mobility and classism

42:00: Comparing Chinese and Indian nationalism 

52:23: 2020 as an inflection point in India-China relations