China’s international relations, with Jiang Changjian, Ira Kasoff, and Anthony Saich


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NOTE: This episode was updated to correct an editing error on 2018/05/18

Today, we bring you a special live panel discussion from the 2018 Harvard College China Forum on China’s international relations. The panelists are:

  • Jiang Changjian – associate professor of international studies, Fudan University; host, The Brain (最强大脑 zuìqiángdànǎo)
  • Ira Kasoff – senior counselor, APCO Worldwide; former U.S. deputy assistant secretary of commerce
  • Anthony Saich – professor of international affairs, Harvard Kennedy School; director, the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation

The discussion of today’s China and its influence in the world often centers on this question: How much has China’s foreign policy changed since Deng Xiaoping famously advocated in the 1980s that the country should “conceal its strengths and bide its time” (韬光养晦 tāoguāngyǎnghuì), and how much does the recent change originate from Xi Jinping? Our panelists have different interpretations of the question, and address it from many angles, including, of course, the big ones: U.S.-China trade, the Belt and Road, the South China Sea, and the Korean nuclear crisis.