It’s all connected: Silk Roads old and new


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Jim Millward discusses the myths, lies, truths and significance of Central Asia, Xinjiang, the Silk Road and new Chinese initiatives to revive it.

Jim Millward is one of the world’s leading scholars on Xinjiang and Central Asia, and the author of many books and articles, including Beyond the Pass: Economy, Ethnicity, and Empire in Qing Central Asia, 1759-1864, and The Silk Road: A Very Short Introduction, published by Oxford.

In this week’s Sinica Podcast, Kaiser and Jeremy talk to Jim about the myths and histories of the Silk Road and a continent’s worth of related subjects: Xi Jinping’s signature effort to revive the Silk Road through the One Belt, One Road initiative; the mythological bird associated with Central Asia known as the Dapeng (大鹏), or Roc; the argument over the connection of extremism in Xinjiang to global jihadism; the Chinese policy on ethnic minorities; and academic debates over “New Qing History” and a number of other issues that are putting Central Asia back into its formerly central place in the story of the world’s past.

This episode also features a special outro tune played by Jim and Kaiser.


Jeremy — books by Peter Fleming:


Kaiser: The Chinese immigrant hub of Flushing, Queens, in New York, as a subject of anthropological or cultural studies inquiry.