Connecting the U.S. and China through entrepreneurship, with Jeff Ji and Ken Wong


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In this CEO Webinar, we discuss cross-border entrepreneurship with Jeff Ji and Ken Wong of NavPac Advisors, a company that connects businesses in the U.S. and China. Through their work, they have a number of compelling examples of how different cultural activities and sports can be used as a platform to bring people from the two countries together. Jeff discusses the Harley Davidson motorcycle tours he has led for both Westerners’ traveling to China and Chinese traveling to the US. As Chair of USA Badminton, Ken reflects on how he sees cross-cultural exchanges through this sport as akin to the famous ping pong diplomacy that was influential in softening relations between the U.S. and China in the early 1970s. They both also discuss a number of other examples such as dragon boating and importing a Harbin-style ice festival to northern U.S. locations, and provide a number of recommendations for those wanting to do business in China.

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