Ep. 79: Yatsen Group: Cosmetics ecommerce superstar and China’s L’Oreal for the digital age?


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Image credit: Perfect Diary

In episode 79 of Tech Buzz China, Rui and Ying talk about a company that aspires to be “China’s L’Oréal” for the digital age: Yatsen Group, owner of smash hit cosmetics app Perfect Diary (完美日记 wánměi rìjì), among other brands. Though we at Tech Buzz have never directly covered the company, we have mentioned it, including in episode 70 with Lauren Hallanan, as well as during last week’s Q3 Market Trends call (link available through December 9) with BigOne Lab’s Mengyao Ren. Yatsen recently listed on the NYSE, and it got a nearly $12 billion market cap. 

Listen and follow along with us as we explore Yatsen’s founding story, its evolving strategy,  reasons for its success, and the role of clever marketing. We’ll also talk about how the company’s various tactics speak to the evolution of China’s content ecommerce ecosystem. Finally, listeners will hear from Mark Tanner, the founder and managing director of Shanghai-based marketing and research firm China Skinny

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