Episode 11: Tiffany Ap - SupChina

Episode 11: Tiffany Ap

In this week’s episode of Ta for Ta, Juliana sits down with Tiffany Ap, the China bureau chief for Women’s Wear Daily. In her reporting, Tiffany covers how the worlds of fashion, beauty, and business interact. On Ta for Ta today, we explore retail and fashion in China, and answer questions such as: Why are Chinese consumers flying to Turkey to buy handbags? Why doesn’t China have a big luxury house yet? Why is the daigou (代购 dàigòu) shopping phenomenon still relevant? We also get her expert advice on what works — and doesn’t — for Western brands that have expanded to China.

Ta for Ta is a new biweekly podcast, which captures the narratives of women from Greater China at the top of their professional game. “Ta for Ta” is a play on the Chinese spoken language that demonstrates equality between the sexes. Tā 他 is the word for “he”; tā 她 is also the word for “she.”

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Juliana Batista

Juliana Batista is a brand strategy consultant with experience in the U.S. and China, and she previously operated at the intersection of sustainability and strategy for a Hong Kong-based textile manufacturer. Her experiences in China range from studying at Tsinghua University through Schwarzman Scholars to working and living in a 4th-tier industrial town. Juliana is an avid ultramarathoner and has a soft spot for jianbing.