Episode 24: Roseann Lake - SupChina

Episode 24: Roseann Lake

This week on Ta for Ta, Juliana speaks with Roseann Lake, a journalist with The Economist who is currently covering Cuba and was formerly based in Beijing. She is the author of Leftover in China: The Women Shaping the World’s Next Superpower. In this episode, Roseann discusses her book and her efforts to build an international network to empower women in China who challenge societal expectations regarding marriage and family. She also reveals the secrets behind publishing a book in China, including the challenges of widespread censorship of women’s issues and voices. In addition, she discusses her forthcoming stage play, The Leftover Monologues.

Juliana Batista

Juliana Batista is a brand strategy consultant with experience in the U.S. and China, and she previously operated at the intersection of sustainability and strategy for a Hong Kong-based textile manufacturer. Her experiences in China range from studying at Tsinghua University through Schwarzman Scholars to working and living in a 4th-tier industrial town. Juliana is an avid ultramarathoner and has a soft spot for jianbing.

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