Episode 7: Alice Mong


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Alice Mong, Executive Director at Asia Society Hong Kong Center, amid their outdoor sculpture garden on a Friday afternoon. We talk about “being inspired” by Asia Society and how Hong Kong has spirit, but not yet soul. Bubbling with energy, she peppered our conversation with the most fascinating museums, documentaries, lectures, and art that are capturing her attention right now. We also get into the details of China’s current museum development and how China can deliver culture to the masses through non-traditional pathways. This is an episode you can’t miss…

Ta for Ta is a new biweekly podcast, which captures the narratives of women from Greater China at the top of their professional game. “Ta for Ta” is a play on the Chinese spoken language that demonstrates equality between the sexes. Tā 他 is the word for “he”; tā 她 is also the word for “she.”