Ex-Head of Mobile at Mobike Max Zhou on Dockless Bikeshares in China


Max Zhou 周喆吾 is an Uber alum who until November of 2017 was the head of Mobile at Mobike. He is currently working as the co-founder of Meta App.

Max talks about his story coming to the US for an advanced degree, his experience at Uber, why Travis Kalanick is really a Chinese entrepreneur at heart, and his take on China’s ‘Uber Mafia.’

He then turns to Mobike and Ofo, speaking to the potential monetization pathways for the firms, their global expansion plans, their strategic investors’ competing goals and merger prospects. He even shares his own crackpot theory of how the initial investors in Ofo and Mobike may be the ones leaking negative stories about Ofo spending deposit money and senior leadership living lavish lifestyles. We close by talking about his new project, MetaApp, which aims to allow users access to an app’s full feature-set without having to download it.

Max also recently appeared on 非诚勿扰, China’s leading dating show. His segment starts about twenty minutes in.

Chinese words used:

道德=ethics, morality

线下流量=offline visits