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Harnessing the Educational Power of AI

Over 100 million Chinese adults have used the Liulishuo (流利说 liúlì shuō) app to learn English through AI-powered tutoring. This week on ChinaEconTalk, host Jordan Schneider interviews Liulishuo co-founder and CTO Ben Hu about the company’s journey from its early days to its recent listing on NASDAQ. Along the way, they discuss the current state of development of Liulishuo’s speech-recognition capabilities, general strategies for Chinese companies seeking to succeed abroad, and the motivational stories of some of the app’s users.

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Jordan Schneider

Jordan Schneider is a Beijing-based professional who works with Chinese internet companies on internationalization strategies. Back in the U.S., he spent time at the Eurasia Group and Bridgewater Associates. His Chinese landscape paintings "show promise."