Is ecommerce livestreaming in China a good fit for your brand?


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This episode features Ron Wardle, CEO of a multi-award winning China e-commerce trade partner and digital marketing services agency, who gives an inside look at one of China’s biggest marketing trends — ecommerce livestreaming.

While using livestreamed video to promote ecommerce has existed in China for several years, it really took off in 2019 during last year’s Singles’ Day shopping festival, when livestreaming on Alibaba’s Taobao platform generated $2.85 billion in sales — around 7.5 percent of the day’s total.

Across the Chinese internet, marketers have dubbed 2019 “the first year of the ecommerce livestreaming era,” and some of the top hosts have become celebrities.

But how does it work? Ron Wardle talks about his experience running livestream campaigns for big international brands.

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Guest: Ron Wardle



Host: Lauren Hallanan



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This podcast was edited and produced by Jason MacRonald.