Izzy Niu on the Chinese diaspora and popular culture


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Izzy Niu is a video journalist for the Quartz web series Because China, and the host of the Chinese-language podcast Loud Murmurs, which discusses Western movies and TV. In this episode, Jordan, Izzy, and guest co-host Athena Cao discuss the promise and peril of publishing sensitive podcasts in the Chinese language in the P.R.C., the documentaries One Child Nation and American Factory, how Chinese internet users responded to The Farewell, and the changing experiences of Chinese nationals studying and traveling abroad. 

2:10: Censored in China

17:05: The reactions of Chinese netizens to The Farewell

34:14: Izzy’s documentary work at Quartz

38:28: The changing experience of Chinese tourists abroad

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This podcast was edited and produced by Jason MacRonald.