Not on Bilibili yet? Here’s why your brand should consider it


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Meet the short-video app Bilibili — a platform that brands know they should get on, but they are reluctant (or maybe too intimidated) to pull the trigger. Why is that? Its user culture is stronger than that of other Chinese social media and video-sharing platforms. Bilibili is where all the subcultures go, the anime, comic, and game nerds, the artists, the content creators that don’t want to make clichéd 15-second dancing videos. Get your campaign right and your ROI will be high; get it wrong and you will be scorned and mocked.

In this episode, Lauren brings Miro Li, a digital marketing consultant based in Hong Kong, back on the podcast to give an overview of Bilibili. She digs into what makes the platform unique and shares how and why brands should be using it.

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Guest: Miro Li

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Host: Lauren Hallanan

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This podcast was edited and produced by Jason MacRonald.