NüVoices: Legal advocacy against domestic violence in China - SupChina

NüVoices: Legal advocacy against domestic violence in China

In episode 17 of the NüVoices Podcast, host Joanna Chiu sits down with Siodhbhra Parkin, the director of the new, nonprofit arm of SupChina, to discuss her work in the field of legal advocacy against domestic violence when she was based at an international non-governmental organization (NGO) in Beijing.

The two discuss the inspiring efforts of anti-domestic-violence activists in China both before and after the passage of a new law that has made collaboration between Chinese and foreign NGOs considerably more difficult. Siodhbhra also reflects on her experiences studying law in China, and the ongoing importance of finding ways to support beleaguered Chinese rule of law advocates and activists.

Siodhbhra is a graduate of Harvard University and the Renmin University of China Law School  and is now based in New York. This week, Joanna joins her from Vancouver, where she works as the bureau chief of The Star Vancouver.

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Joanna Chiu

Joanna Chiu has centered her writing on difficult issues facing modern China. After working as a correspondent based out of Hong Kong and Beijing, Joanna is now managing editor of Star Vancouver, the West Coast bureau of the Toronto Star. Her personal focus is on amplifying women’s voices and strengthening the network and community of women working in fields relating to China. She serves as chair of NüVoices, an editorial collective that celebrates, supports and publishes the diverse creative work of self-identified women working on the subject of China (broadly defined). Websites: www.joannachiu.com and www.nuvoices.com

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