On the “greening” of China, the plant-based sector, and media activism: eco-activist Sonalie Figueiras of Green Queen


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This week on China Corner Office, Chris Marquis talks to serial social entrepreneur and eco-activist Sonalie Figueiras. Sonalie is a native of Hong Kong who has started a number of companies in the region, including Green Queen, the sustainability and social impact media platform she founded 10 years ago. They discuss the Chinese governments’ increasing focus on environmentalism in recent years and its many efforts to meet its ambitious goals. One area of particular focus that also relates to food security concerns is some unexpected challenges in the alternative protein sector in China. Sonalie provides recommendations for how companies can better meet consumer preferences with these products. They also discuss the role of the media, increasing censorship and related challenges for independent media in Hong Kong.

A transcript of this conversation is available on SupChina.com.