Perfect Diary parent company Yatsen launches new brand Abby’s Choice


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On June 8, Yatsen E-commerce, the parent company of Chinese cosmetics unicorn Perfect Diary, held a press event in Guangzhou to launch its newest brand, Abby’s Choice (完子心选wánzǐ xīnxuǎn) — and the China Marketing Podcast attended! In today’s episode, hear Lauren’s assistant, Kejie, share what she learned at the event and her experience visiting the new Abby’s Choice offline store.

Perfect Diary has become a leader in China’s cosmetics industry in only three years and its innovative marketing strategies are often used as case studies. It will be interesting to see if Abby’s Choice can replicate Perfect Diary’s success.

In addition, while Kejie was in Guangzhou, she visited the offline stores of two other Chinese brands, tea company Nayuki Tea (奈雪的茶 nàixuě de chá) and multi-brand beauty retailer The Colorist (调色师 tiáosè shī). She also shares in this episode her impressions of the stores and her key takeaways about the brands.

Kejie is currently working on several videos of her visits to the stores, so if you’re interested in checking those out, subscribe to Lauren’s YouTube channel.

Mentioned in the episode:

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The Colorist – images of the store

Nayuki recent 520 art cup collection

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