Rethinking the WeChat user experience: Personalization, commerce, and customer journeys with Tom Kruger of Chatly


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Tom Kruger is the Shanghai managing director of Chatly, a WeChat social CRM platform for global brands. In this interview, he explains why brands need to rethink their WeChat strategies and position WeChat as their core customer engagement hub in China.

Many brands are still treating WeChat as the same platform it was several years ago. But in reality, it has been constantly adding features and has morphed into a complex ecosystem, allowing brands to bring the entire customer journey from awareness to conversion and loyalty, all into one app. 

In this episode, Tom guides us through the entire funnel, including building an identified contact, creating 48-hour journeys, setting up segmentation and retargeting, and designing commerce and loyalty mini programs.

This episode is super detailed — it’s essentially a free WeChat CRM master class — so be prepared to learn a lot!

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Guest: Tom Kruger

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