Episode 15: Sarah Keenlyside - SupChina

Episode 15: Sarah Keenlyside

Sarah Keenlyside began her career as an investigative journalist at the Sunday Times newspaper in London before moving to China in 2005 to set up Time Out’s first English-language publication. After seeing a number of visitors struggle to navigate Beijing during the 2008 Olympics, she was inspired to launch the Bespoke Travel Company, which quickly grew from a one-woman outfit to the tour service of choice for high-profile clients, including Matt Damon, Metallica, Apple, and Warner Bros. Passionate about entrepreneurship, women in the workplace, and mental health issues, Sarah has given talks on all of these topics to a wide variety of groups. She was also a finalist for the “Inspiring Woman Award” in the 2018 British Business Awards hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce.

Ta for Ta is a biweekly podcast focused on capturing the lives of women in and from Greater China at the top of their professional game.

Sarah Keenlyside

Website: https://bespoketravelcompany.com/

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BespokeBeijing/

Twitter: @BespokeBeijing

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Juliana Batista

Juliana Batista is a brand strategy consultant with experience in the U.S. and China, and she previously operated at the intersection of sustainability and strategy for a Hong Kong-based textile manufacturer. Her experiences in China range from studying at Tsinghua University through Schwarzman Scholars to working and living in a 4th-tier industrial town. Juliana is an avid ultramarathoner and has a soft spot for jianbing.