The black expat experience in Hong Kong


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African residents living in China today are either students or traders, according to widely held perceptions. With more than 80,000 African students studying in China every year and tens of thousands of people from across the continent doing business in port cities like Guangzhou and Yiwu, it’s not surprising that these misconceptions persist.

But these perceptions grossly oversimplify a very diverse population. Moreover, they don’t account for the growing number of black professionals from around the world who now live in many of China’s largest cities, especially in places like Hong Kong.

Adedamola Sowole, aka the “Fantastic Fo,” and Louisa Awolaja, aka “Lou,” want to change that with a new podcast they co-host together about the black expatriate experience in Hong Kong. Both are Nigerian British expats who work in Hong Kong in professional jobs and interview other black expats about daily life in one of Asia’s largest cities. The two join Eric and Cobus to talk about their show and the sensitive issues they tackle in each episode.