The curious case of Eileen Gu, and stay away from Olympic car crashes!


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Freestyle skier Eileen Gu is poised to take the Beijing Olympics by storm, but a new story from The Wall Street Journal raises questions about her citizenship status. She now competes for China, but has she given up her U.S. passport as required under Chinese law? There’s lots for Mark and Haig to get into here: who decides someone’s nationality or citizenship? Does it matter, and to whom? And what could this mean for other athletes in China’s orbit? (1:32) Meanwhile, Gu has been outspoken on U.S. issues, so is it fair to criticize her for not speaking out on Chinese issues? (7:01)

Elsewhere in the show, Dutch athletes are told to leave their electronics at home so they don’t get spied on — sage advice or over the top? (12:57) The Olympic bubble is now in operation, but it sounds like some might not be happy with the food choices on offer… (16:28) This week, Beijing warned its citizens to steer clear if they see an Olympic vehicle in a car crash — here’s why! (18:33) Finally, a UK court has ordered Chinese company PPTV to pay the Premier League more than $200 million, but what are the chances they pay up? (21:18)