The Sinica Podcast turns 10


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For our 10th anniversary show, Kaiser and Jeremy recorded live on Zoom, shared some reminiscences, reflected on how China and the podcast have changed in the years since they started the show, and took questions from listeners who tuned in. A video version of the podcast is available here.

8:05: A bird’s-eye view of Western media coverage of China

26:52: The demise of area studies, and the rise of disciplines in China studies

36:59: How to keep up with current events in China

44:51: A discussion on xenophobia and nationalism in Chinese society

1:16:37: Can person-to-person diplomacy exist in an increasingly insular world


Jeremy: An interview with Stephen King by Terry Gross on Fresh AirStephen King is sorry you feel like you’re stuck in a Stephen King novel, and an article on SupChina, My family survived the lockdown in Wuhan. Now it’s my turn, in New York, by Zeyi Yang.

Kaiser: Fearing for my mother in Wuhan, facing a new Sinophobia in the US, by Xiao Jiwei, and Shockwave, by Adam Tooze.

This podcast was edited and produced by Kaiser Kuo and Jason MacRonald.